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While remaining the global leader in agricultural equipment for the last century, John Deere has also expanded to become a worldwide producer of utility vehicles for a wide range of uses. John Deere Gator Utility Vehicles are designed to be used for basic hauling and lawn care, rugged excursions into the wilderness, and even for use by the military during mobile campaigns. With several models of Gators available, they can suit the needs of any home or business.

No matter the Gator, John Deere's utility vehicles will get the job done. Backed by the reliability of the world's largest farm equipment manufacturer, operators can rest assured that the utmost quality is put into every Gator that rolls off the line and into the wild.

Gator XUV

Could you imagine your Gator with 50-HP*, a top speed of 44 MPH, all-new high-performance, double-wishbone suspension and simply the best cargo box in the industry? No? Well, it's time to change your expectations. See the new Gator XUV now.

While John Deere's traditional models will likely remain the choice for jobs and duties, the new crossover XUV John Deere Gator enables an operator to go deep into the woods to collect firewood, into the mountains for fresh air, or across miles of prairie to repair a fence.

John Deere's XUV 825I 4x4 Heavy-Duty is the company's fastest, most powerful gator to date, and features the largest cargo box in its class. The 16.4 cubic feet of capacity and 20 tie down points allow for just about anything to be hauled across vast distances at high speeds. The pick-up style tailgate makes loading and unloading a cinch, and a gas-assisted function makes dumping cargo a safe option.

If need be, the gator can be switched to a turf-friendly mode of operation, and with the push of a button can be converted back to four-wheel drive for climbing the hardest trails or plowing through the thickest mud. Powered by a four-cycle gas Electronic Fuel Injection system, the 50 horsepower, three-cylinder engine boasts a maximum torque of 47 feet per pound at 32,000 rpm.

Deere's newest XUV has taken hauling to a new level, with even more storage capacity and space for an additional two riders. The new XUV550 S4 4x4 Mid-Duty Gator was designed to comfortably seat 4 passengers and still offers plenty of space and tie down points to carry whatever is needed for a long trek away from major roads. With the availability of more than 75 attachments, the new gator provides unparalleled performance, work capability and comfort in a mid-duty class utility vehicle.

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