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For over a century John Deere has proven itself to be a leader in farm equipment manufacturing, and has continued to produce new top-of-the-line machinery for a wide range of farming activities. Although most notable for its line of tractors, Deere has expanded its services to become the world leader in producing planters as well. 

When it comes to planting, controlling overplanting of headlands and point rows is essential for efficient run time. With Deere's RowComman Row-Control System, seed can be placed exactly where it is needed, and can be controlled manually or with the SwatchControl Pro system for maximum ease and effectiveness.

As all crops start with a seed, all farming must start with a planter. Deere's line of planters are helping farmers across the nation and in countries throughout the world to maximize planting efficiency to help produce future record crops.

1590 No-Till Drill

The 1590 No-Till Drill is made to work in all types of tillage situations, from clean-till to no-till, as well as in heavy residue. Accurate depth control leads to better germination, emergence, yield and profits.

Conventional-Till Drills

Conventional-Till Drills by John Deere are designed for the grower who wants to seed and fertilize at the same time, but on fewer acres than with other air-seeding equipment.